Tulips Lily Flowered

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Division 6: Lily-flowered group tulips have single, graceful, flowers with tepals that are reflexed with pointed tips. The flowers are goblet-shaped with characteristic narrow waists when closed and star-shaped when fully open. They flower in late spring on stems 45 to 65 cm tall. Their colours range from white, through yellow to orange and red. Some are flushed, margined or flamed often in contrasting colours. The stems and leaves are green.

This group is particularly suitable for formal bedding but can also be used in borders and in patio pots and containers and are excellent for cut flowers.

We supply customers with optimum-sized bulbs from our Gold Medal-Winning collection, in packs of 10, that we deliver from September through to November ready for Autumn planting. Our single standard charge for postage and packaging applies for all tulip orders.

Our Tulip BULBS are available from SEPTEMBER until NOVEMBER

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