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Fritillaria are members of the Liliaceae family. The genus is native to temperate regions, in particular the Mediterranean and Middle East. They are bulbous, generally hardy perennials (RHS Hardiness ratings H4 – H6). Bulbs planted in the Autumn flower in the Spring, usually in April-May.

There is an abundance of varieties ranging from the tall stately Imperialis that grow to a height of around 1 metre to those such as the delightful Meleagris that grows from 15 to 40 cm high. They are all characterised by bell-shaped flowers, some single others in umbrels or clustered around a central stem. The impressive Imperialis have generally large orange or yellow bells arranged in a crown at the top of a straight sturdy stem whereas the Persica varieties have dark purple or greenish-white bells. The lower-growing Meleagris and Michaelovskyi have elegant bells that nod gently in the wind.

We supply customers with top quality optimum-sized bulbs from our gold medal winning collection that we deliver from mid-September ready for Autumn planting. Our single standard charge for postage and packaging applies for all fritillaria orders.

Our Fritillaria BULBS are available from SEPTEMBER until NOVEMBER

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