Gladioli Large Flowered

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Gladioli are very easy to grow and come in a range of colours from the purest whites through subtle shades to radiant and deeper hues. There is an extensive range of the traditional Large Flowered Gladioli varieties now available. They are an ideal choice for annual beds or for mixed borders where they can provide striking or subtle colours with their distinctive tall sword-like shapes adding height and form to the garden.

We supply customers with corms from our Gold Medal-Winning collection. Our Large Flowered Gladioli corms are all of top quality and of the optimum size, 12-14 cm. They are sold in packs of 10, with instructions, ready for seasonal planting. Gladioli grow best in a sunny position in well-drained fertile soil. Plant from late March until late May for colourful flowers all through the summer.

Our single standard charge for postage and packaging applies for all gladioli orders.

Our Gladiolus CORMS are available from FEBRUARY until MAY.

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