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Narcissi, more commonly known as daffodils, are spring-flowering bulbous members of the Amaryllidaceae family, sub-family Amaryllidoideae. Horticulturally they have been classified into 13 divisions with a colour code, by the RHS, that describe the form of their flower and the relative sizes, shapes and colours of their perianth segments (petals) and corona (cup or trumpet). We use the RHS classification to describe our daffodils. A division 6 daffodil with white petals and yellow trumpet, for example, would be be coded (6 W-Y).

Most narcissus species grow best in temperate climates and, being classed as hardy through to very hardy (H4 – H6), can readily withstand the cold of UK winters prior to their reappearance in spring.

There is now an abundance of varieties suitable for many applications. Heights can range from dwarf varieties less than 20 cm tall, that can be planted in rockeries, through to varieties up to 50 cm for use in the garden or as cut flowers. Flower petal colours are predominantly yellow or white but their corona can also be pink orange or red. In some varieties the colour changes as the flower matures. A welcome harbinger of Spring daffodils can be grown inside or outside in pots and containers as well as in the garden or in woodland glades as they are reputedly rabbit and deer resistant.

We supply customers with optimum-sized bulbs from our Gold Medal-Winning collection in packs of 10 that we deliver from September through to November ready for seasonal planting. Our single standard charge for postage and packaging applies for all narcissus orders.

Our Narcissus BULBS are available from SEPTEMBER until NOVEMBER

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