Tulips are spring-flowering bulbous perennials that are members of the Liliaceae family. Horticulturally they are classified into 15 divisions based on their flower form, plant size and flowering time. Originally they were found in mountainous areas of Asia and the Middle-East with temperate climates, moderately cold winters, long cool springs and dry summers. They were introduced into Western Europe in the 16th Century where they were cultivated enthusiastically, particularly in the Netherlands where in the 1630s fashionable demand culminated in the Dutch tulip mania when single bulbs traded for prices well over 10 times the annual wage of skilled workers – until the speculative economic bubble burst. Nowadays we have a vastly increased range of much improved cultivars available for all at affordable everyday bulb prices.

Tulips grow best in temperate climates and, being classed mostly as H6 hardy, can withstand the cold of most UK winters. In fact the reason for planting in the Autumn is that they need a period of cool winter dormancy prior to Spring flowering. Heights can vary from 10 to 70 cm. Flower colours range from almost black through most colours, except pure blue, to the purest white. Shades range from the vivid to delicate pastels. Some are multi-coloured. Flower heads may be simple cup- or bowl-shaped, single or double with rounded or fringed petals. Others, such as the ‘lily-flowered’ group, may have reflexed pointed petals and a distinct slender waisted shape when closed in the early morning, becoming star-shaped when fully open later in the day.

We supply customers with optimum-sized bulbs from our Gold Medal-Winning collection, in packs of 10, that we deliver from September through to November ready for Autumn planting. Our single standard charge for postage and packaging applies for all tulip orders.

Our Tulip BULBS are available from SEPTEMBER until NOVEMBER

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