Tulips (Autumn Planted Bulbs) Cultivation

Best planted from mid October until late November when soil temperature has started to cool down. Bulbs prefer a well drained soil so plenty of sharp sand should be used when planting in a heavy clay soil. Bulbs should be planted 4-5” deep. If planting in containers make sure you use a compost with good drainage and keep the base of the pot raised off the floor. This will assist with drainage throughout the winter. It is advisable to cover containers during severe frosts.

During the growing season when the tulips/narcissi are showing bud a high potash liquid feed is advisable every 2 weeks. This will help to strengthen the stem and help increase bulb size for the following season.
After flowering, once the petals have died back remove the seed pod leaving the plant to die back naturally.

Keep feeding for at least a month and in dry weather water weekly.