Quick Care & Cultivation Of Your Dahlia Plants

Upon arrival remove the plants from their packaging

The plants are ready for planting out into their flowering position, (or potting on into larger pots and growing on) prepare the soil by adding some potting compost and plant firmly. The plants may need support during the growing season using bamboo canes or a wire square grid is ideal.

Water immediately after planting

To encourage more flowers pinch the growing tip and this will make the plants bush and throw side shoots from the leaf joints (some plants may have already been pinched out). During the growing season, feed every 14 days with a liquid feed to encourage maximum growth (e.g. Maxicrop). Keep an eye for aphids (eg greenfly and blackfly) and spray as necessary. Support the plants as they grow, and deadhead when flowers have died. This will encourage more blooms.

We hope you enjoy your selection of dahlias and hope to see you at one of the shows this year. I hope you are satisfied with your plants which will give plenty of colour throughout the Summer and Autumn.

Protect from late frost with fleece.

If you need further advice please contact us.