Hippeastrum (Autumn Planted Bulbs) Cultivation

Before planting remove any loose dried skins and dried roots. Place the bulb on top of a mug of lukewarm water with the roots in the water for an hour before planting. Plant in well drained multi purpose compost. The bulb should only be 1/2 covered. Spread roots around the pot. Water regularly with lukewarm water until flower colour can be seen then water more often. When starting bulb off place above a radiator or on heated bed to encourage root growth. Grow on in a light sunny position, preferably a south facing window.

During flowering feed bulb with a half strength feed of tomerite once a week. As the leaves develop, cut back dead flower stem gradually. From May onwards put pot outside in a sunny position, water and feed regularly. Early August stop watering and place on its side, when the leaves yellow (end Aug/Sept) cut back and bring indoors late Sept/Oct and re-pot.