Gladioli Cultivation

Cultivation in the open ground

These corms are ready for planting any time from early April until early June and will flower approximately 90/110 days after planting.

Gladioli like to be planted in a sandy soil, place about 1/2” sand in the bottom of the hole and a light covering over the corm. Corms should be planted 5-6” deep and 12” apart; shallow planting will casue the fully grown spike to rock in the wind and fall over.

If planting in a heavy clay based soil: dig a hole twice as big as the planting area and 6” deeper. Mix soil with a coarse sand before planting corms. Place some mixed soil and sand in the hole and plant your corms on this, then cover your corms with the remaining soil mix.

During growing season feed the gladioli with a top dressing of Vitax Q4 monthly. During prolonged periods of warm/very dry weather gladioli may require additional watering.